Registering a Fingerprint or Card using the Mobile App

To register a fingerprint with the mobile app you will need to download the Door to Cloud Mobile X app which is available on Android, and Apple iOS you can search for SekureID in your appropriate app store and select it from the list of apps. Your mobile device will need to be on the WiFi of the same network that the devices are on.

**Please make sure you have a user already created in the system with access to login to the website, as well as access to manage doors and to the mobile app. You can find these options in the Users>Door Permission section. For more information go to the article about Users here.**  


Once you download the Door to Cloud Mobile X app the app icon will look the image below.



After you open the app login with the credentials you set up on the website.



Once inside the app select the Door/Devices button.



Inside the Door/Device section find the door you wish to register a fingerprint on and make sure it shows a green house icon. This will signify that both your mobile device and the door are on the same network, which is necessary to have the door register the fingerprint.



In the next screen, you will have various options you can view and edit, to proceed with registering a fingerprint select Users.




In this screen, you can see the various users assigned to the device, they will be listed in alphabetical order. You will also notice a number next to the name that will indicate how many fingerprints have been registered.




You can also use the magnifying glass on the upper right-hand corner to search for a particular user.




Once you select the user you want to register a fingerprint to the new screen will look like the images below. Here you can select whether you want to register a fingerprint or a card to the user by selecting one of the different options. If the icon is grey there is no data for it, if it is in green it has a card or fingerprint registered to it.



When you select what you want to register the device will start beeping and show a yellow icon. If you decided to register a card just hold the card in the area above the fingerprint sensor, where the icon is blinking, and you will hear a multi beep to signify the information was registered. In the case of a fingerprint, you will hear the same multi beep when you place your finger on the scanner but will have to place and remove your finger three times to get a proper read. Keep in mind when you remove your finger between reads to remove it completely from the area of the sensor.