Setting Up a USB Enrollment Device

To set up your USB enrolment device you will first need to download the proper software.

To do so go to and login to your account and make sure to plug in your USB enrollment device. 



Once you have logged in proceed to Users, then Biometric Data. 



Once there select a user from the left side and then a finger from the diagram of the two hands. After selecting a finger click capture.




When the screen changes you will see an option to Download Drivers, select it.



After the file has been downloaded you will need to extract it. You can do so by right-clicking the file and choose the option to Extract. Alternatively, if you have a program to do this like WinZip or 7-zip feel free to use it instead.



Open the folder once the extraction has been completed and you will see two folders and one executable. 



First, you will want to go into the Platform folder and select your windows architecture, either Windows 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64). Once inside the specific folder find the executable labeled "dpinst" then right-click then select Run as Administrator.



Go through the Lumidigm installer till its completion. Once done go back into the first folder and right-click the WebSensorConnectorXenio executable and select Run as Administrator.



Once the WebSensorConnectorXenio has completed go to the webpage again and refresh it. Now select a user then a fingerprint, just like before, and click capture. The sensor should light up and the screen should inform you it is ready to scan.


In some cases you may need to close and reopen Google Chrome for the USB enrollment device to connect. 

Please contact technical support if you are having issues installing the drivers for your USB enrollment device