Pairing an I/O Controller

For an I/O Controller to work properly it must be paired with a reader. Once an I/O Controller is paired with a reader it will only work with that one reader. After wiring the I/O Controller and powering it on, the red power light should begin blinking red indicating it is ready to pair.

Below is a step by step guide on how to pair an I/O Controller with a reader after you have wired it with its corresponding device. You will need the Door to Cloud Mobile X app which is available on Android, and Apple iOS you can search for SekureID in your appropriate app store and select it from the list of apps. Your mobile device will need to be on the WiFi of the same network that the devices are on.

**Please make sure you have a user already created in the system with access to login to the website, as well as access to manage doors and to the mobile app. You can find these options in the Users>Door Permission section. For more information go to the article about Users here.**  


Once you download the Door to Cloud Mobile X app the app icon will look the image below.



After you open the app login with the credentials you set up on the website.



Once inside the app select the Door/Devices button.



Inside the Door/Device section find the door you wish to pair to an I/O Controller and make sure it shows a green house icon. This will signify that both your mobile device and the door are on the same network, which is necessary to complete the pairing process.



In the next screen, you will have various options you can view and edit, to proceed with pairing the device select the settings option.



In this screen, you can edit different settings. At the bottom you will see the option to pair, selecting this will pair the I/O Controller with your access control unit. The I/O controller will not be able to be connected to any other device after this.



After pairing the I/O Controller the power light should go from blinking red to a solid red, indicating the pairing process is complete. Make sure to edit and save the proper relays in the Door Settings section found inside the Devices tab.