The Reports section in the main menu bar is the primary source of information for your system. There are two sections within General, and Access Control.


  • General

Inside the General section, you can select what Report Type to view from the drop-down. You can select from a few different options:

  • Employee List
  • User Information
  • Inactive Employees
  • User Fingerprints
  • Birthdays
  • Anniversaries  


You can also filter the employees by Department, as well as by Location. Under report settings to the top right you have a few options on how you view your reports, such as:



  •  Access Control

Inside the Access Control section, you can select a few different Report Type as well the different options are:

  • User Access Events

          Events created by users gaining access, attempting to gain access or unknown attempts.

  • General Events

          Events made by setting changes, or device status changes. 

  • Door List

          The list of doors assigned to your company.

  • Who Accessed Today

          The users who access a device today.

  • Last Known Access

          The last know users to access a device.


For certain reports you can use the filters to narrow down your focus by doors, departments, users, locations and time ranges.