Triggers and Actions

Triggers and Actions is our fantastic way to set up a cause an effect system to help automate your system or keep you notified when certain actions take place. You can find it inside the Dashboard main menu section. Some examples are below.


  • Trigger: A specified user enters the front door; Action: Set the door to stay open.
  • Trigger: Fire alarm connected to alarm input; Action: Open all doors and notify.
  • Trigger: Door contact registers forced entry; Action: Lock all doors and notify specific users.


Below are the different Types of Triggers, and a short description for them.

Authorized Access

     An access/entry event from an authorized user has occurred.

Unauthorized Attempt

     An attempted entry by someone registered and recognized by the system, but not authorized to access the specific door.

Unknown Attempt 

     An unauthorized attempt made by someone who is not registered/recognized by the system.

Network Settings Change

     A change was made to the system's network configurations.

Door Settings Change

     Any changes made to the settings of a door.

Door Opened by PC

     A door was opened remotely (not by the reader), from the cloud software or the mobile app.

“Keep Door Open” Executed

     A "Keep Door Open" command (located in Door Settings) was toggled.

“Lock Down Door” Executed

     A "Lock Down Door" command (located in Door Settings) was toggled.

Door Goes Offline

     When a door loses the connection with the server.

Door Goes Online

     When a door regains it's connection with the server.

Alarm Goes Off

     An external alarm (ex: Fire, Burglar), which is connected to the device is triggered.

Tamper Alarm

     A device was removed from its location without proper procedure.

Door Open Timeout

  When a door has been open beyond the preset time in the "Door Open Timeout" setting (located in Door Setting).


 Click here to configure your first Trigger and Action!