The Devices section in the main menu bar is broken up into four sections; Doors, Door Settings, Holidays, and Global Settings. Each one will let you manage or edit different settings in regards to your access control devices. They will be explained in more detail below. To manually register a new door click here.



  • Doors

In the Doors section, you can view your currently registered doors, as well as edit their name, and check on their status in regards to connecting to the server. You can also use the drop-down box under Company Location to change the doors location to one you have predefined, the date/time on the device will be connected to its location.

 If you have a large quantity of devices you can always search for them by using the filters at the top of the section; Door Name, Serial Number, or by their connection status.



  •  Door Settings

Within the Door Settings section, you can edit various aspects of each individual door. Door Settings is broken up into three individual sections with the left column letting you select which door you wish to work on.

The Door Commands section lets you:

  • Open a door
  • Reboot a door
  • Remove the managers on a device
  • Remove all users from a device
  • Lock the door down (cannot be unlocked with a valid fingerprint)
  • Keep the door open (will not lock till taken off)

All this can be done with a click of your mouse.



The Network settings section lets you:

  • Select between an Ethernet or WiFi connection
  • For WiFi, it will let you manually enter your WiFi name (SSID) and password 


  • For either Ethernet or WiFi, you can choose between a dynamic (DHCP) IP or a static IP 



 Inside the Door Settings section at the bottom you can:

  • Change how long it takes to release the lock
  • If you chose to use a door contact you can choose what type you are using
  • Edit how long a door can be left open before you are alerted
  • If you are using Wiegand you can set it to different formats
  • Activate specific relays if you are using an I/O Controller
  • Change if your exit button is connected to your device (Internal) or to an I/O Controller (External)
  • You can also change which functions are enabled on your device (features may vary by model)



  • Holidays

Inside Holidays you can predefine up to 24 different holidays. This way you will not have to worry about denying access to specific users on those special days.

For more information on creating a Holiday click here.



  • Global Settings

Within Global Settings, you can remotely change some of the options for your device (devices with a screen only).

You have the option to change;

  • The language on the screen
  • The screen brightness
  • The volume of the device 
  • Which home screen is shown
  • The general theme of the device
  • The wallpaper of the device