The Events tab can be found in the Dashboard main menu section. Here you will have a quick snapshot of all the events in your system, whether it is user access or changes to the system or settings.


On the left side, you will see your connection status to the server, if it is not showing as connected you will not have the information appear in real-time.

You will also see the last thirty user events, such as who entered or attempted to enter through a specific door. The three toggles are Authorized, Unauthorized, and Unknown are all live, so you can trigger them off to see a specific list of data within those thirty logged events.




On the right side, you will have a snapshot of the last thirty events to take place within your software. This can be things such as settings changes, new schedules created or saved, as well as if a door comes online or offline. This information will include the door name, the event, who created it, and at what date and time.



For more detailed information or a longer list please refer to the Reports section here.