Creating a Department

Departments are a great way to organize your company. You can choose to have as many or as few departments as you need. Departments are used to sort users in your reports or when granting them access. To create a department follow the steps below.

1. Select Settings from the top menu bar.

2. After, select the Departments tab.

    • This tab displays all departments registered within the SekureID software.

3. Select the Create Department Option to the right.



4. In the new window fill in the required information.

  •  Department Code: Customizable 6 digit alphanumeric code which will act as the unique identifier of the department.
  • Department Name: Official title of the department to be created within the SekureID software.



5. Select Create once you have filled out the information.

    • Upon successful creation of the department, a prompt will appear to confirm.



Now that you have made your departments, click here to make your users!