Creating an Access Group

Access Groups are our unique and quick way to set up access for your users, letting you customize large groups of users and doors to give access with ease.

To create an Access Group Select Dashboard from the top menu, then select Access Groups.



  • Once in Access Groups click on Create Access Group on the right side.



  • When the new window opens enter a name for your Access Group, then click Create.



  • Now that your Access Group is created select it from the left column.
  • You will see a large green plus icon towards the right side by where it says End Date, click it. By clicking this icon you will create a schedule you can customize, you can create multiple per schedule.
    • Use the trash can icon below the green plus to delete a schedule. 



  • By default, the start and end time are set to a 24hr period, and the year is set one year ahead of the date of creation. Edit these to your preference. 
  • Once you have customized the schedule to your liking click on the door icon to add the doors that correspond to this access group. 



  • After selecting the doors you want in your Access Group select the icon of a person's silhouette with a plus icon. 



  • In this new popup window, you have the option to sort users by department, locations or search for a user by name or ID number.
  • Start filling your Access Group with users by holding the CTRL key while selecting users to select multiple ones, alternatively if you wanted to "select all" use the checkbox next to the name field to highlight everyone. After you have added your users click Save.
  • Once you have the access group customized with the users, schedule, and doors click on Save and the information will be sent out to the devices that are apart of the group.

Congratulations you have successfully created your Access Group and granting users access!